Thursday, November 15, 2012

My recent Craft Supply Haul - Consumer Crafts

Last week I did my first Haul Video, for some awesome Craft Supplies that I got from Not only was it my first Haul Video, it was my first video of any kind! Yikes, I was a little nervous, can you tell?

Anyway Consumer Crafts gave me a $50 Credit to purchase what ever I wanted from their online shop. I went over that by a few dollars, but for the most part I stayed on budget. I got so much stuff for that!

Here's what I got:
Sheet Moss
Paper Mache Stars
Gold Leaves
Composition Silver Leaf
5" Round Mirros
Red Floral Embellishments
Glass Tiles
Jewelry supplies - Pendant Trays

The closest craft supply store is a bit of a haul for me, and this time of year the lines are long, and the stores are so crowded. I loved that everything came right to my door and I could avoid all of of that, super convenient and my box came super fast too!

I really liked everything that I got and I can't wait to start crafting with it all. I talk about my ideas for all of these things in the video.

I don't think you can see this very well on the video, but two of the sets of Pendant Trays, came with these great little clear covers! I love that, because I think I'll be able to make some really fast necklaces out of these!

And here's some exciting news, they're having a Big Sale on November 26th, 30% off and Free Shipping!! Wahoo!  That's a great time to give them a try!

(US customers can order online, but customers outside of the US need to call in their orders)

Visit Consumer Crafts here:

Crafts Unleashed blog (for inspiration):

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Consumer Crafts and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Covered Bridge

I took these photos awhile ago, but I thought I would share them here with you guys. I just love these old covered bridges! All of these are of the same bridge, just different angles.

 The inside is amazing!! 

I hope you enjoyed these!

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